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Traveling to Bwindi is now much easier than never before. You can now connect straight to Bwindi from Entebbe International Airport. Instead of the usual 12 hours journey from the capital, now you can take one hour's flight with Aerolink to Kihihi (40km away) and the fares are relatively cheaper when compared to hiring a vehicle for the road trip.

You can book your flight online at;

We can always arrange for you a taxi (hired) to pick you from Kihihi. The taxi charge is between Shs. 90,000 to Shs. 140,000

Bus Directions from Kampala to Bwind

  1. Kampala-Buhoma Bus
    The Kampala-Kanungu-Butogota bus (Starlink), which leaves Kampala at 6:00am and reaches Buhoma at 5:00pm. (advisable to be in the bus park at 5:30a.m). Muhabuura bus also does night trips and normally leaves Kampala at 7:00 p.m. and reaches Butogota at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. Transport from Kampala to Butogota is Shs.50, 000 on normal days, but may increase on holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s. After you have reached Butogota, it's about 17kms to Bwindi. You will have to board a taxi which costs about Shs. 3,000, or you can get a bodaboda (motorcycle) which costs between 6,000 and 10,000 shillings. When you come a day before, you may sleep in Butogota lodges and head to Bwindi in the morning.
  2. Kampala - Kihihi Bus
    The Kampala - Kihihi bus (Savana). This bus does day and night journeys. Day journey, the bus leaves Kampala at 6:00a.m and reach Kihihi at around 3:30p.m. Transport is 40,000 on normal days. Bwindi Community Hospital is 42kms .The easiest way is to get a motorcycle to Bwindi Community Hospital which costs around 15,000-20,000, or you may use taxis (hired) which cost around 90,000 to 140,000 on normal days.
  3. Kampala - Kihihi Bus
    The night bus leaves Kampala at 7:30pm and reaches Kihihi at 5:00a.m. There is only one public coasta that leaves Kihihi at 7:00am and reach Bwindi Community Hospital at 9:00am for Shs. 6,000 or otherwise use the transport means mentioned as above (no.2).

Driving Directions to Bwindi

Kampala to Fort Portal 4hours

Drive from Kampala along the good quality road to Fort Portal through Mityana and Mubende.

Fort Portal to Kazinga Channel 2 hours

Turn left at Fort Portal, though the town, and then through Kasese (after 1 hour) and over the equator. Continue on the good quality road that goes over the Kazinga Channel.

Kazinga Channel to Kihihi 1hr 30 mins

Around two kilometres past the Kazinga Channel there is a murram road off to the right which heads south. This is signposted 'Ishasha 70kms'. Take this road. Some of the road is excellent, but there are a few stretches with a few potholes. After forty minutes there is a right turn to Rwenshama (ignore this), and five minutes later there is a fork. Don't be tempted to take the left turn here - the main road continues on the right branch of the fork. Ten minutes later you pass the Ishasha Gate entrance to the Southern Sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. 20 minutes later there is well-marked left turn with a sign to Bwindi. Take this road, and 25 minutes later you will reach Kihihi.

Kihihi to Kanyantorogo 20 mins

In Kihihi keep going straight ahead. You pass Radio Kinkizi on the right and straight ahead out of town. After 20 minutes you will get to the small town of Kanyantorogo where there is a firm right turn off the road. There is a sign here for the Hospital 'JCRC - Bwindi Community Hospital'

Kanyantorogo to Butogota 20 mins

Go down the hill and cross the Ishasha River, then up past Kayonza Growers Tea Factory. Keep going through Butogota (which is reached after another 20 minutes)

Butogota to Bwindi 20 mins

5 minutes past the town of Butogota is a collection of signposts, including one for the Hospital. Turn right here following all the signs of the camps towards Bwindi. Stay on this road. Keep going through several small trading centres, until you reach Buhoma where the Hospital is located. There are big signs on the road directing you left into the Hospital. 

Hospital phone numbers are

+256-(0)-70-334-2891 or +256-(0) 392880242
although these are only manned during the day (8:00-18:00) seven days.

More than 15,000 children in the area are now protected from malaria by sleeping under nets - thanks to the work of the Hospital.


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